Need to request RMAT?


Regional Foresters interested in RMAT assistance should contact the RMAT Coordinator, Robin Cole at (404) 805-7083 to initiate RMAT mobilization. Once an incident is determined to be a candidate for RMAT support, the RMAT Coordinator will contact the RMAT Lead (Line Officer) notifying them of the pending assignment. The RMAT Lead will notify the remainder of the team on mobilization details. Resource Ordering and Status System (ROSS) will not be utilized to mobilize RMAT members.

Please remember, deployment of RMAT should be as early as possible in the emergence of an incident. This will allow fuller use and capabilities of the RMAT and potential for analysis of proposed alternative courses of action which could positively influence efficiencies during the remainder of the incident.

Regional Foresters are expected to provide a letter of delegation to an incoming RMAT outlining expectations for the group. In addition, the delegation should also include a regional large fire job code for use by the team for travel, salary, and miscellaneous expenditures. (Sample DOA verbiage is available on our web page)

Upon arrival to an incident, an in-briefing by the Regional Forester or their representative will be expected at the beginning of the assignment. Remote analyst support personnel and appropriate WO staff may also be invited to join this in-briefing by phone.

The local unit will assist the team with logistics support if needed. In most cases this may be the local dispatch or expanded dispatch organization that can help. This help may include contacting team members, lodging arrangements, car rentals, travel, etc. The team leader will need to assume the responsibility of chief of party to ensure everyone’s whereabouts.