AA WFDSS Refresher(s)

Training Recommendations

This document is a reference for individuals putting together annual WFDSS training refreshers for Agency Administrator; the Interagency Standards for Fire and Fire Aviation Operations (Red Book) Appendix N recommends a 2 hour refresher. The training recommendations provided in this document are not new but highlight the important topics and what is available.

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2019 Agency Administrator WFDSS Refresher

Fire Decision Links 2019
AC overview for Agency Administrators 2019
WFDSS Need to Know 2019
RMAT Strategic Planning 2019
Wildland Fire Decision Support Tools 2019
Incident Objectives Guidance 2019

Watching this video serves as a 1-hour WFDSS refresher for 2019, but you must document this at your local unit as needed; WFDSS or the WFM RD&A do not provide certificates for watching videos. This was 1-hour when presented "live" but was edited down to 45 minutes by removing pauses. It still counts as an hour (you're welcome)!

2018 Agency Administrator WFDSS Refresher
2018 Agency Administrator Transcripts

2017 Agency Administrator WFDSS Refresher
2017 Agency Administrator Web Reference Links


Agency Administrator Refreshers Objectives

  • Define the Agency Administrator role in decision making and documentation.
  • Identify areas an Agency Administrator should focus on in WFDSS.
  • Discuss the Risk and Complexity Analysis in WFDSS.
  • Review decision tools and how they can inform decisions.

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