Climate, Weather, and Smoke

The Wildland Fire Management Research Development & Application works with several entities involved in various aspects of research relating to climate, weather, air quality, and smoke monitoring and modeling. This page describes some of these entities, partners, and applications.

Rocky Mountain Center

The Rocky Mountain Center (RMC) is housed within the WFM RD&A team. The RMC provides weather support for wildland fire operations, prescribed burns, and air resource management. The RMC team is engaged in the development and deployment of science-based computer applications for real-time delivery of high-resolution fire weather intelligence and smoke dispersion forecasts over the continental United States.

*Currently the RMC website is down, a link will be posted here when the site is back up. We appologize for any inconvinience, please contact us if you need assistance with anything related to RMC.


Wildland Fire Air Quality Tools

The Wildland Fire Air Quality Tools Portal, developed by the USFS PNW AirFire Team in partnership with WFM RDA, the Desert Research Institute's Center for Fire Ecological Applications (DRI/CEFA), and Sonoma Technology, Inc., provides tools to the wildland fire user community for smoke and air quality assessment. These tools provide current air quality information, forecasts and modeling of smoke, climatological air quality data, and more. The tools have been developed with a focus on ease of use and interpretation. Fire managers can utilize the tools to understand current conditions and model future air quality which can help in the decision making process.

The site can be accessed here or directly at

AirFire Group

The AirFire Team is part of the USFS Research and Development within the Pacific Northwest Research Station's Wildland Fire Science Lab in Seattle WA. AirFire provides direct support to the wildland fire community through their research, projects, and tools. AirFire aids wildland fire incidents and geographic areas by providing smoke dispersion modeling and other products as requested.

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