Decision Support

Wildland Fire Decision Support

Working collaboratively with you and your staff, the WFM RD&A staff will provide real-time wildland fire decsion support that considers incident-specific fire behavior, values at risk, performance, and decision analysis. The result will be improved risk-informed strategic and tactical decision making for wildland fires; reduced firefighter and aviation exposure; improvement in the basic science for large fire decision making; and improved capability to manage large fire expenditures.

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What can we do for you?

If you would like more information on what WFM RD&A can do for your incident check out our most recent WFM RD&A Decision Support Flyer.

You can contact us directly for incident analysis and decision content support at: (208) 473-8107

Wildland Fire Decision Support Evaluation

Have you used Decision Support services recently? We depend on user feedback to improve our products and their delivery. If you have recently interacted with WFM RD&A in a decision support capacity, please click here to fill out our evaluation.

Decision Support Toolbox
(Line Officer Resources)

In an effort to address the unique needs of Line Officers related to wildland fire management activities we have assembled several resources for reference. To see more, click here

WFDSS Geographic Area Editors

Geographic Area Editors have a specific role in WFDSS and the group has been assembled in an effort to better serve the field through training, information sharing, and policy guidance. The GA Editors meet on a monthly basis with the WFM RD&A Team to share information and work on solutions to challenges that arise....see more

Data Management

The WFDSS Geospatial Data Team works to develop and provide spatial and tabular data for use within WFDSS. In an effort to better serve the field they have created a resource page that contains dynamic information and resources regarding spatial data, click here to be redirected to the WFDSS help page on this topic.


The NFDSC is a collaborative effort between Fire and Aviation Management and Research and Development. It is located at the National Interagency Fire Center and provides a key link between wildland fire science development and the appropriate application of that science