AA WFDSS Refresher(s)

Training Recommendations

This document is a reference for individuals putting together annual WFDSS training refreshers for Agency Administrator; the Interagency Standards for Fire and Fire Aviation Operations (Red Book) Appendix N recommends a 2 hour refresher. The training recommendations provided in this document are not new but highlight the important topics and what is available.

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2022 Agency Administrator WFDSS Refresher

This recorded 2022 Agency Administrator Refresher and Hot Topics webinar covers a variety of topics intended to help prepare Agency Administrators for the upcoming fire season. Watching it serves as a 1-hour WFDSS refresher for 2022. Document this at your local unit as needed; WFDSS or the WFM RD&A do not provide certificates for watching videos.

Handouts and Presentations from the 2022 AA WFDSS Refresher

Additional AA WFDSS Refresher Materials

Analytics for Fire Support in 2021
Wildland Fire Decision Support Tools; a Guide for AAs (updated 3/2019)
WFM RD&A YouTube channel
WFDSS YouTube channel (Find refresher videos from previous years here)