Mentee, and CWN Program

Opportunities for Development

The Wildland Fire Management Research Development & Application (WFM RD&A) has provided development opportunities for individuals to gain and improve skills in large fire decision support, fire behavior analysis, and the Wildland Fire Decision Support System (WFDSS) in various ways in the past. The 2019 fire season will see another iteration of the mentee program that will pair technical specialists, LTANt, and SOPLt with mentors to further development with regards to decision support.

The WFM RD&A will facilitate this mentoring by utilizing our staff and the CWN list to pair mentors and trainees through out 2019. In this vein the CWN list will be modified and as such individuals who had signed up in the past will be asked to complete an entry in the updated form either as a mentor or a mentee. Participants will be contacted via their contact information in WFDSS so please ensure that your contact information in WFDSS is up to date.

Assignments will range widely, in type and length, including: supporting incidents at GACC-level Decision Support Centers, supporting incidents (remotely or on site) or with an Incident Management Team, or participating in Facilitated Learning Analyses (FLAs) or investigations.

Opportunities are open to Forest Service, DOI and state and municipal partners. Opportunities will depend on fire activity, regional and national needs for Decision Support services, and the workload of the WFM RD&A. Applicants will be notified of availability of assignment, location,  and potential duration (if applicable) when such information becomes available.  Participants can decide at that time if they are willing and able to participate. If you have specific windows of availability please note that on your form entry or contact the NFDSC if a window of availability changes or becomes apparent later on in the year.

The goal of the Mentee program will be to help participants build and enhance skills with fire behavior tools such as: FSPro; Short and Near-Term Fire Behavior; FLAMMAP, FireFamilyPlus and FARSITE as well as with decision components . We do not expect all CWN/Mentee applicants to be experts in fire behavior, fuels, or decision support to participate, but we do expect a willingness to learn and explore.

How to Apply

Click to fill out the online form, please note that there is no place for contact information in the form we will be using WFDSS to get your contact information so please ensure your contact information in WFDSS is up to date.

All individuals interested in being considered should apply, as every effort will be made to pair assignments with applicants to meet the needs of each.

This is an open, continuous announcement for the 2019 fire season.  Due to the changing nature of fire season, applicants will be contacted to confirm availability as potential assignments arise.

For questions regarding Wildland Fire Decision Support and these training opportunities contact:

WFM RD&A - 208-473-8107


Salary and travel costs will be covered by the WFM RD&A and/or individual incidents as required. DOI and State personnel may require additional negotiation for accounting codes and opportunities.

**Due to the changing nature of fire season, applicants will be contacted to determine availability.

Success Story

My detail with WFM RD&A began as a simple two week virtual detail from my home office. At the end of the second week I was given the opportunity to travel to the Eastern Great Basin to do further analysis with other WFM RD&A folks. So all told, my detail was nearly 4 weeks long. My experience during this time has opened my eyes to parts of the fire world that I was not fully aware of. I had the opportunity to be involved in trainings and discussions that expanded my knowledge base of fire behavior analysis as well as my ability to communicate effectively. I feel that this experience has helped me professionally on many levels including my geospatial fire analysis skills, written and verbal communication skills, and my understanding of the fire organization and how it branches across agency boundaries.

--Kaari Carpenter, a WFM RD&A detailer, and now the new Program Manager for the National Fire Desk