National Line Officer Team

Welcome to the National Fire Line Officers Team (NLOT) webpage! Our Mission is to help our fellow Line Officers be successful in meeting Fire Management responsibilities and expectations. With your input, we serve as a conduit raising awareness to emerging issues and ensuring your perspectives are shared with National Fire Leadership. The main goals of NLOT are to:

  • Foster a culture of safety which reflects, promotes and maintains a safe work environment for employees;
  • Provide and promote leadership on national policy, standards, and procedures related to Fire and Aviation Management (FAM);
  • Communicate with and mentor Line Officers on issues related to FAM, including the integration of research and management; and
  • Recognize significant achievement among our peers.


NLOT Annual Fire Leadership Award

The National Fire Line Officer Team recognizes Line Officers each year for their commitment to excellence in three categories. The 20th Annual (2016 Fire Season) Fire Leadership recipients were:

Excellence in Line Officer Commitment to Firefighter and Public Safety:
Individual Award: Dale Dieter
Group Award: Boise NF District Rangers - Brant Petersen, John Kidd, Richard Newton, Stephaney Kerley, and Jake Strohmeyer

Excellence in Line Officer Commitment to Restoration of Fire Adapted Ecosystems
Individual Award: Debbie Cress

Excellence in Line Officer Commitment to Building a Workforce for the Future
Individual Award: Leslie Auriemmo
Group Award: Region Six Forest Supervisors - Alice Carlton, Rob MacWhorter, Rodney Smolden, Jason Kuiken, and Jim DeMaagd

Excellence in Line Officer Commitment to Partnership Efforts in Fire Management
Individual Award: Sandy Hurlocker

Stay tuned for the 2017 Recipients.

2017 Learning Summit

The Learning Summit's goal is to bring together agency leaders, fire managers, and researchers to help us evolve as a learning organization. Pre-read material as follows: