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2020 Monthly Emails and Quarterly Call Notes

GA Monthly Email (02-20-20)
GA Monthly Email (03-19-20) AA Webinar Flyer

2019 AAR Notes (updated 01/16/2020)
GAE Notifications and Fire Behavior Request Protocols (Updated 09/20/2018)

Document Archive

Looking for notes from previous calls? click here to view the archived documents.

Security Training and Direction

WFDSS Rules of behavior

WFDSS Security Training and Direction

2017 USDA Information Security Awareness and Rules of Behavior Training (Paper Based)
2017 Cyber Security Exam 1
2017 Cyber Security Exam 2
2017 Cyber Security Exam 3

GAE Calendar

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GA Editor Reference Guide

This guide has been assembled to answer some of the most commonly asked questions and most frequently sought after information.

Suggested Training and Prerequisites for Fire Behavior Specialists

This document has some general information and guidance on trainings and prerequisites for fire behavior specialists so that they can produce the best fire behavior analyses possible


WFDSS Contacts

Active incident decision and analysis support:
On Call Coordinator (208) 387-5253

WFDSS Enhancements/Releases:
Mark Hale

WFDSS Data: Ben Butler Andrew Bailey

WFDSS User Role Issues: Contact your local Geographic Area Editor or the On Call Coordinator (208) 387-5253

WFDSS National Editors: Mark Hale, Morgan Pence, Erin Noonan-Wright , Diane Rau, and Sam Amato

IRWIN WFDSS liaison:
Morgan Pence

WFDSS Spatial Fire Planning: Mark Hale and Diane Rau

WFDSS Help Content and Training Resources:
Diane Rau

Caroline Noble and Kim Ernstrom

GAE call management:
Jonathan Olsen

When in doubt contact the on call coordinator