Need to request RMA?

Requesting RMA: Requests for Risk Management Assistance will be made to RMA Support Coordinators:


Regional Foresters/Directors interested in RMA assistance should contact the RMA Coordinator, Robin Cole at (404) 805-7083 to initiate RMA mobilization. Once an incident is determined to be a candidate for RMA support, the RMA Coordinator will contact the RMA Lead (Line Officer) notifying them of the pending assignment. The RMA Lead will notify the remainder of the team on mobilization details.
Please remember, deployment of RMA should be as early as possible in the emergence of an incident. Early engagement provides for more robust use of RMA capabilities which may positively influence efficiencies through the duration of the incident. Requests should come as early as possible in the emergence of an incident, or when conditions indicate incident(s) are likely in the near term (1-2 weeks). 

     RMA Support Options include:

  1. Remote/Virtual Support: Under this scenario all RMA support would be accomplished remotely.
  1. On-Incident (Analytic Support may be remote):  Under this scenario RMA support will be provided by a combination of remote and on-incident personnel. Normal configuration of RMA Support personnel includes: Experienced Line Officer (RMA Leader); Fire Operations; Risk Management Specialist; Analysts (on-site Lead Analyst and off-site Virtual Analyst)