Mobile Technology in Wildland Fire

Wildland Fire Lessons Learned Center

The Lessons Learned Center has some great information on mobile technology in wildland fire. Join the conversation. In addition to the blog, discussion threads and announcements, there are 200 members of the wildland fire community that can be tapped for information. The mobile technology working group will also post information on it's pilot programs there.


The Wildland Fire Mobile Technologies Working Group (WFMTWG) will provide evaluation of new mobile technologies and innovation in Fire and Aviation; coordination of other efforts in mobile technology for the user community's awareness; and recommend solutions based on test results to Wildland Fire Management RD&A and the Wildland Fire Information and Technology (WFIT) Program Board. The WMTWG also provides guidance and advice regarding proposed fire and aviation mobile technologies & infrastructure needs and changes to the WFIT Program Board, FS Deputy Area Resource Information Managers (RIMs), Department of the Interior (DOI), U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), U.S. Forest Service Chief Information Officers (CIOs), and other federal and non-federal administrators .

Mobile Technology for Wildland Fire

The WindNinja app for Android and iOS gives users the ability to run gridded wind simulations based on forecasted weather that are downloadable and available to use offline.

The Fire Weather Alert System (FWAS)

FWAS has been designed to warn on-the-ground firefighters of dangerous weather conditions in their area. Users set custom weather thresholds and the FWAS sends alerts via text message and email when those thresholds are exceeded. FWAS monitors several types of weather measurements (RAWS, radar, etc.) and forecasts to alert firefighters of dangerous weather such as high winds, low RH, thunderstorms, and Red Flag Warnings. FWAS is currently a prototype system with a web page-based user interface (which is accessible via a browser on a mobile device).

The Wildland Fire Saftey Evaluator (WiSE)

WiSE is a tool designed to calculate safety zones and prevent burn injury to wildland firefighters.

This tool is coming soon...

Wildland Fire Analyst (WFA Pocket)

WFA Pocket allows users to calculate fire behavior on a mobile device, leveraging the science developed by the US Forest Service Missoula Fire Sciences Lab, this app enhances calculations with a 3D interactive map interface, real-time weather integration, and seamless fuels data assimilation.

Wildfires Near Me

Wildfires Near Me is a beta web application that gives users the ability to set prefered locations to be alerted about new fires and gather information on current fires. It is open to the public although you must create a user account.